Where to buy bitcoins in India

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins have made a high tide across the world, luring, as a highly profitable investment. Some may argue that, it is just a bubble which may burst any time and some are very positive towards the prospects of cryptocurrencies.

In order to invest in cryptocurrencies, one need to buy the cryptocurrencies from cryptocurrency trading exchanges, where you can get an equivalent amount of the cryptocurrency based on the fiat currency (the legal tender) you invest. To begin trading, one will have to approach a cryptocurrency exchange vendor registered in the country of living.

In India, primarily there are three bitcoin exchanges where one can buy the cryptocurrency using legal tender currency and trade. These exchanges are Unocoin, Zebpay and Coinsecure.

When compared to other international bitcoin (cryptocurrency) exchanges, one would find that difference between buying and selling of the bitcoin is very high. This is because these exchanges charge a good amount as commission, and there are no legal regulations applied currently to  trading bitcoin (cryptocurrencies) in India.

Word of caution: Trading in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are subject to market, legal, technical and financial risks. Do trading at your own risk, we are not responsible for any loss incurred to you by following the information provided here.

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