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Calculate Land Area, Perimeter and Distance with Google Map

Google offers a feature to measure the land area, perimeter and distance between points with satellite images in Google Map. The measuring tool provided in Google Map would help you calculate the area or the perimeter of land or distance between two points, in Google Map. This feature is not directly available in Google Maps

Google Map Shows Plane debris in Karachi Airport

After the recent attack in Karachi Airport, there were images floating in the internet showing Google Maps screenshot of plane blown up like in a plane parking bay. I happen to read the Times of India article, which doubts about the date on which image would have been captured by satellites for Google. After checking

Find When Google Map’s Satellite Image Taken

If you look at the streets or places in Google Maps, you would wonder when these images would have captured by the satellites. ¬†Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn’t show the details of date of the satellite images shown in the maps. But there is a way out to find the date of capture of satellite images

How to Extract Text from Scanned Document Images

Digitization of books is a very tedious process, in which the paper pages need to be converted to textual pages that can be stored in computers. There are many tools that can help you do that. If you wish to do a similar work without installing any software, here is a way out with Google

Android 4.4 KitKat Official Update for Nexus 4

Official Android 4.4 KitKat is spreading across the world!. We also received the update for the Nexus 4 device. There is no new launcher available with the KitKat shipped for Nexus 4. There are no changes in the icon background and the icon groups. There are changes in the dialer, settings,lock screen, contacts, search for

Get 10GB Extra free Space in Google Drive

Google is giving away 10GB of extra storage space in Google Drive with its newly introduced Office suite for creating, editing and collaborating Microsoft office documents, Quickoffice. The promotion period for up to two years, till October 2015. In order to avail this promotion offer, you need to install Quickoffice app on your android phone

Google Office Suite to Create, Edit & Collaborate Microsoft Office Documents

Google has introduced Office Suite for Android and iOS based smart phones and tablets by launching Quickoffice app. This app enables you to view, edit, create and collaborate Microsoft office documents in Android and iOS based smart devices.   Apart from document editing and creation on your devices, Quickoffice also helps you to carry out

Split PDF document to Multiple files with Google Chrome

Splitting PDF files for extracting certain pages can be easily done with the help of Google Chrome Web browser!. You don’t need to have any other application installed or internet connection required to carryout split. Follow the steps below to split a PDF document to multiple PDF files Step 1: Open the PDF document that

Download Android Studio for Windows, Linux and Mac

Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for developing android applications, launched during Google IO 2013. It is  based on the IntelliJ IDE. Android Studio offers live view of your app layout in various Android devices. This is quiet useful for checking the app compatibility in various devices, as well for internationalization. It is currently

Google Keep Note-taking integrated with Google Drive

Google Keep is a very promising note-taking app for Android devices from Google developers. It is well integrated with Google Drive for storing your notes safely and securely in the Google cloud storage. Google Keep is pretty intuitive, simple and easy to use note-making app worth using for noting the activities and thoughts to remember.