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Video Ads from Google On the Run

Google started screening video ads in with their content relevant ads program, adsense. In order to enable Google video ads from your adsense script, you need to setup adsense with text and images section only. Currently they are not providing any video ads specific setup wizard in the adsense. Its a welcome step from Google,

New Search and Translate feature in Google Language Tools

Google has integrated Google Search feature with well known Google Language Tools, combined to give the powerful search results translated to required native languages. For an example you want to search about “Spanish Tourism” in Spanish sites, then you can give “Spanish Tourism” as search query and select English as “My Language” and select Spanish

Let Google Index Your Brain !!!

Here is a pair of earrings which is carved with HTML tags on one and on other.I feel this could be one of the best ornament an HTML or Web Geek can have. This ornament was on sale in, but this has been sold out by 31 May 2007. [ Details ]So by wearing

Create Your Own Stock Charts with Google Spreadsheet

Google has recently introduced the charting facility in Google Spreadsheets. With charting feature users can visually depict, share and publish the spreadsheet contents. By using Google Finance functions charting can be exploited to depict the market performance.In the image below, we have tried to depict the current price corresponding to each firms. This is very

Increased Attachment Size from GMail

GMail with ever increasing mail storage size has also increased its attachment maximum size to 20 Mega Bytes. Now GMail users can send more video clips, presentation slides, songs, lots of photos as e-mail attachment. I think, this is the aftermath of the upgrade happened in Google search engine and servers, after integrating Google’s image,

Google Experimental Search defining new dimensions in search experience

Google is defining new dimensions in search with its new features aiming at improving the search experience.Google has introduced its Experimental Search in Google Labs, with features of: Timeline and Map views: With the help of timeline and map views, Google’s search technology extracts key dates and locations from selected search results so that you

New Tabs and Expanded more Menu in Google

Google has introduced new tab which contains the links to other Google services, on the top of its home page and search result pages. You can see this effect by visiting you can notice the new expanded ” more” menu with the remaining services that passed out of the Google Labs.I guess Google forgot

Google is the Powerful Brand

As per the BRAND survey conducted by a Brand Research and Consulting firm Millward BrownGoogle stands Top in the Powerful Brand list, with a brand value of $66,434 Million.GE comes next and Microsoft has to satisfy with third position. You can see the complete report here: BrandZ 2007 RankingReport Let see how they calculate the

Google announces Free in-home Wireless broadband service !!!

Have you ever dreamed of getting broadband service for FREE???. Now Google has made its first step to gift the service. You need to believe it, because its from Google. TiSP (BETA) is new FREE in-home wireless broadband service from Google. Great Features of TiSP. It’s fast. In Google’s testing, TiSP delivers a 10 times

Google Talk Gadget and New Features for GTalk

Google came out with a Gadget for its revolutionary Instant Messaging solution GTalk. You can use this Gadget either by directly adding to your Google Personalized Home Pageor else you can directly add this Gadget to your web page by using the code provided by Google. Get the code Other newly introduced features of Google