Google is the Powerful Brand

As per the BRAND survey conducted by a Brand Research and Consulting firm Millward Brown
Google stands Top in the Powerful Brand list, with a brand value of $66,434 Million.
GE comes next and Microsoft has to satisfy with third position.

You can see the complete report here: BrandZ 2007 RankingReport

Let see how they calculate the Brand value. Brand value is the financial value of a brand, defined as the sum of all earnings that a brand is expected to generate.

For the purpose of the BRANDZ ranking, Millward Brown Optimor values brands in three steps:

  • Establish a company’s intangible earnings and allocate them to individual brands and countries of operation, based on publicly available financial data from Bloomberg, Datamonitor and Millward Brown Optimor’s own research.
  • Determine the portion of intangible earnings attributable to brand alone, as opposed to other factors such as price. This metric, known as Brand Contribution, reflects the share of earnings from a product or service’s most loyal consumers or users. For this second step, we use research-based loyalty data from the BRANDZ database.
  • Project the brand value forward based on market valuations, the brand’s risk profile, and its growth potential. Data for this step is sourced from the BRANDZ database, Bloomberg and Millward Brown Optimor’s own research.

Hope the figure below would suffice.

But I dont wonder after seeing this brand value of Google , obviously, they are the Top Brand.

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