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Where do I start to learn python

Python is a very well accepted scripting language for data processing and web applications. Knowledge in python can help you solve your tasks related to data filtering and processing by using scripts. There are many learning materials available online that can help an individual learn python programming from the scratch. I suggest following python online

Where to buy bitcoins in India

Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoins have made a high tide across the world, luring, as a highly profitable investment. Some may argue that, it is just a bubble which may burst any time and some are very positive towards the prospects of cryptocurrencies. In order to invest in cryptocurrencies, one need to buy the cryptocurrencies from cryptocurrency

Bitcoin a cryptocurrency used in the Internet

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital crypto currency introduced by a person or group of persons identified with the alias “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Digital cryptocurrencies work as a medium of exchange using cryptography, which are designed to carry out secure transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currencies. The Bitcoin transactions are

Convert Any Webpage to an E-Book for Kindle and Play

You would be interested to publish your web page or blog article as e-book for Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books. Publishing your articles as e-books would improve your reach and credibility among your subscribers. Also,  interesting articles available on the Internet can be added to your favorite e-book readers for offline reading. To convert

Get 10GB Extra free Space in Google Drive

Google is giving away 10GB of extra storage space in Google Drive with its newly introduced Office suite for creating, editing and collaborating Microsoft office documents, Quickoffice. The promotion period for up to two years, till October 2015. In order to avail this promotion offer, you need to install Quickoffice app on your android phone

Google Office Suite to Create, Edit & Collaborate Microsoft Office Documents

Google has introduced Office Suite for Android and iOS based smart phones and tablets by launching Quickoffice app. This app enables you to view, edit, create and collaborate Microsoft office documents in Android and iOS based smart devices.   Apart from document editing and creation on your devices, Quickoffice also helps you to carry out

Enable HTTPS for Yahoo Web Mail

Yahoo mail free version doesn’t come with a HTTPS security enabled by default. You need to change the mail settings to enable the use of HTTPS method for email. Use of HTTPS in mail ensures that your Yahoo mails cannot be read by a hacker who can sniff packets from your network. Follow the steps

1TB Free Email Storage from Yahoo

Yahoo changed the game of email storage by fixing unlimited to 1 Terabytes of capacity for storing the emails for free accounts. You have plenty of space available now to keep all your emails at one place, and even to backup your data. In the first quarter of 2013 Yahoo had upgraded the free storage

Tweet efficiently with TweetShort Web App

We often struggle to express our tweets within 140 characters limit imposed by Twitter. You can make your longer tweets fit in to the 140 characters by using your own short word notations. But it would be really helpful if there is a dedicated web app to take care of shortening your tweets without changing