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How to count characters and words Online-in Lines, Sentences and Paragraphs

Optimizing the number of characters and words to express the heading and the links are very important in SEO. Many micro blogging services has a restriction in number characters that need to be used express our thoughts. For example, Twitter’s character limit is 140, an SMS text message limit is 160 characters. Google AdSense (for

Happy Birthday to Windows from Skype

Microsoft Windows birthday has been celebrated by Skype Team. Its obvious, as Skype is now part of the Microsoft family. November 20th is celebrated as the birthday of Microsoft Windows!. Now she is 26 years old!. I would like to share with you the Happy Birthday video created by Skype team on the occasion of

Buddh International Circuit Track Details and Map

The Buddh International Circuit (BIC) is the first Formula One racing circuit in India, which is exactly located in Greater Noida in the state of Uttar Pradesh, near Delhi. Buddh International Circuit (BIC) will be the venue of the inaugural and  the first Formula One Indian Grand Prix on October 30, 2011.The track was officially

Add your business in Google Map to attract more customers

Most of the people rely on Google Maps for navigation and finding restaurants, shopping and malls in specific areas. So advertising in Maps will attract real customers who need your service. If you are doing some local business like selling flowers, or fruits or anything that is specific to a local area, you can add

Global Web Browser Usage Statistics 2011

Year 2011 has witnessed many dramatic twist and turns in the internet usage and applications. One of the major shift observed is in the web browser users migration. I still remember, there was time when more than 90% of the internet users were Internet Explorer users!.  But time has changed, as per the website statistics

Mozilla Firefox courting with Microsoft Corporation

After the release of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer observed a migration of their browser users to Chrome. To withstand the competition and to keep the existing user base & to increase the usage, Mozilla Firefox teams up with Microsoft Corporation by launching Firefox with Bing search enabled as default. Let us hope,

How to download Picasa albums as single zip file

Picasa Web provides only 1GB of storage space to share photos. You may want to download and keep a backup of all your photos uploaded in to make room for sharing new photos. Now you can backup all your photo albums uploaded in Picasa online using a Google service. Following steps can help you

Download Adobe Flash Player 11 for Android

If you are an Android smart phone user, and having a lower version of Adobe flash player, then this is the right time for you install the latest flash player. The latest Adobe flash player will help you watch streaming videos from your favorite video sharing sites like, YouTube, Metacafe, vimeo etc. You can download

Free 10GB File sharing Online Service with max file size of 2GB

The network and storage technologies have improved to a great extend to give a near real time response through internet. This advancement has much helped online file sharing services. I happen to come across a free online file sharing service which can help you share 10GB of data across the internet, with each file up

Free Stylish and Premium Blogger, WordPress Templates

Blogger and WordPress platforms have matured to a level, where the templates are capable of providing facilities much more than publishing articles. You can get lots of pug-ins, widgets and scripts to make your blog much more interactive and dynamic.I wish to share a list of stylish and premium blogger as well as WordPress templates