Add your business in Google Map to attract more customers

Most of the people rely on Google Maps for navigation and finding restaurants, shopping and malls in specific areas. So advertising in Maps will attract real customers who need your service.

If you are doing some local business like selling flowers, or fruits or anything that is specific to a local area, you can add your business advertisement in Google map, and Google search  so that the real customers who are looking for your service can reach you easily.

This is made feasible through Adwords Express from Google. You need create your campaign by specifying your business address and details. Then Google will take care of showing the ads for customers from your area, also the business location and details will be shown as a blue balloon in Google Maps. This will help you quickly find more customers!

The video below clearly explains how Adwords express works.

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AdWords Express is currently available in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany only.

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