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How to Install VirtualBox Virtualization Software

VirtualBox from Oracle is a very easy and simple virtualization software solution for your desktop machines. It supports most of the desktop operating system flavors of Windows, Linux and MAC, with CPUs preferably having virtualization extensions, and atleast 1GB of free RAM and 10GB of disk space. You may follow the steps below if you want

Free Partition Manager for Windows from EaseUs

When you add new hard drives to your computer, you need to properly partition and format the drive, for disciplined and easy storage of data. Even though the Windows Operating provides partition manager, its is very trivial and requires expert level knowledge for proper understanding and usage. Also, it is almost impossible to re-partitioning the

HD webcam recording software review 2014

With more computers and notebooks have a webcam nowadays, there are many and more cam movies on YouTube. But, those webcams on average offers inferior than what you can find from the standalone device. The most up-to-date webcams is currently in a position to report high definition movies similarly to 720p and 1080p resolutions with

Merge and Combine Multiple PDF files to One

More often at work you need to combine multiple PDF files and send it to your client or boss as single file. Binding of multiple PDF files would be necessary when you need to combine multiple reports from different team members and make a single team report, or when you need to stitch multiple split

Best FTP Clients for Windows

FTP Client software helps us a lot in transferring files across different machines, where an FTP server is running at the source or destination!. Even though Windows provides an FTP client command utility, it is very trivial and requires some amount of knowledge about command options. So, GUI clients are most appreciated by many of

Free Reliable Antivirus Software for Windows 8 PCs

Antivirus softwares are indeed a life saviour for computer systems, especially one which runs Windows Operating Systems. Most of the viruses target Windows OSes compared to other operating systems. Here we have the list of prominent free antivirus softwares you can download from the internet. AVG Antivirus AVG is one of the free but reliable

New Features in Microsoft Word 2013

It was the first time Microsoft launched their Office Suite with two different business models. One the conventional desktop office software suite and other the cloud oriented Software as Service!, the Office 365. SaaS version provides various options for purchasing Microsoft office products, well tailored based on customer requirements. Microsoft Word 2013 comes with many

Microsoft Word 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Word is very indispensable software in our documentation activities!. In spite of many other comparable softwares,  MS Word still stands out in the crowd!. Microsoft Word 2013 is the latest in the series, with a separate cloud counterpart. Here I have compiled few keyboard shortcuts for MS Word, that would help its fans to get their

Skype Free Unlimited calls, group video, screen sharing for 30 days

Microsoft is pushing the new strategy of gaining more user base by unifying all its messenger and live accounts with Skype!. And, to add momentum, they are allowing free Skype to international landlines and mobile phone calls free for 30 days to selected countries. Now, Skype offers some special tariff plans which would allow you

Download Flash Player 11 for desktop and notebook

Adobe Flash player 11 comes with new functionalities which would improve your multimedia experience online. Its high time to upgrade to latest Adobe flash player if you are still using the lower version of flash player in your browser. Download Adobe flash player Related: Download Flash Player 11 for Android