New Features in Microsoft Word 2013

It was the first time Microsoft launched their Office Suite with two different business models. One the conventional desktop office software suite and other the cloud oriented Software as Service!, the Office 365. SaaS version provides various options for purchasing Microsoft office products, well tailored based on customer requirements.


Microsoft Word 2013 comes with many new features, which makes it very unique in functionality and usability perspectives.

Key features of MS Word 2013 are:

New Read Mode
This feature allows a user to enjoy reading with a view that displays his/her documents in easy-to-read columns on the screen. Giving a reading experience similar to reading ebooks in iPad or Kindle. Further, Editing tools are removed to minimize distractions, but users still have access to the tools that are always handy for reading such as Define, Translate, and Search on Web.

Resume reading
Word also allows to reopen a document and keep reading right where you left off. Word remembers where you were—even when you reopen an online document from a different computer!

Object zoom
Double-tap with your finger or double-click with your mouse to zoom in and make tables, charts and images in your document fill the screen. Focus on and take in the information, then tap or click again outside the object to zoom out and continue reading.

Online video
Insert online videos you can watch right in Word, without having to leave the document, so you can stay focused on the content.

Expand and collapse
Collapse or expand parts of a document with just a tap or click. Put summaries in headings and leave it to readers to open the section and read the details if they want.

Save and share files in the cloud
With Microsoft Word 2013, it’s easy to share a document using SharePoint or SkyDrive. From there you can access and share your Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and other Office files. You can even work together with your colleagues on the same file at the same time.

Simple markup
A new revision view, Simple Markup, provides a clean, uncomplicated view of your document, but you still see indicators where tracked changes have been made.

Reply to comments and mark them as done
You can debate and easily track comments right next to the relevant text. Now comments have a reply button. And when a comment is addressed and no longer requires attention, you can mark it as done. It will be greyed out to keep out of your way, but the conversation will still be there if you need to revisit it later.

Open and edit PDFs
MS Word 2013 allows you to open PDFs and edit the content in Word. Edit paragraphs, lists, and tables just like familiar Word documents. Take the content and make it look great.

Insert online pictures and video
In MS Word 2013 you can add online videos directly to your documents that readers can watch right in Word. Add your pictures from online photo services without having to save them first to your computer.

Live layout and alignment guides
Word 2013 can show you a live preview as you re-size and move photos and shapes in your document. The new alignment guides make it easy to line up charts, photos, and diagrams with your text.

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