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Disable Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) Service in Windows 10

In Windows operating systems, the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol is allows applications on a computer to read and write to files between computers in a computer network, and to  request services from computer server programs. The vulnerability in the SMB service helped the Ransomware programs to spread across different computers in a network and

End of Support Dates for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP

Like most of the software products, Windows Operating system also has a lifecycle. It starts with beginning of the Operating System sale and ends when the Operating System is no more supported. We have witnessed the end support of Windows 98, 2000 and Me. And, you might know that Windows XP is nearing its end

How to Install or Uninstall Fonts in Windows 7

To read certain local language web contents, like local news, recipes,  invitations we may have to use custom fonts, which are not available with the default installation of Windows 7. It is indeed very simple to incorporate new fonts to the Windows 7 system. Steps to Install Fonts in Windows 7 Step 1: Login to your

New Features in Microsoft Word 2013

It was the first time Microsoft launched their Office Suite with two different business models. One the conventional desktop office software suite and other the cloud oriented Software as Service!, the Office 365. SaaS version provides various options for purchasing Microsoft office products, well tailored based on customer requirements. Microsoft Word 2013 comes with many

Microsoft Word 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Word is very indispensable software in our documentation activities!. In spite of many other comparable softwares,  MS Word still stands out in the crowd!. Microsoft Word 2013 is the latest in the series, with a separate cloud counterpart. Here I have compiled few keyboard shortcuts for MS Word, that would help its fans to get their

Microsoft Word 2013 Wedding Invitation Templates

Microsoft Word 2013 provides free templates that would help you create elegant wedding invitations. These templates include necessary cutting guidelines, so that a user without much graphics and design background can get their own wedding invitations ready in less time. Sample screenshots of MS Word 2013 wedding invitation templates are given below. Download Microsoft Word

Windows XP & Office 2003 support ends in 2014

As per the support lifecycle policy introduced by Microsoft in 2002, all Microsoft‘s business and developer products go out of support after 10years. The 10 years of support consisting of 5 years mainstream support and 5 years extended support. So, the support for Windows XP and Office 2003 will end on April 8, 2014. What

Hibernate Notebook on closing lid in Windows 7

Easy steps to hibernate your Windows 7 laptop, if you are in a hurry. You can configure the system to hibernate on closing the lid or folding the display screen. Follow the steps below to enable hibernation in your Windows 7 Notebook or Netbook. Step 1: Click the Windows start icon and enter “change what

Download free antivirus from Microsoft

Microsoft provides free antivirus and antimalware for Windows users, with the Microsoft Security Essentials pack. It claims to be light weight and will not consume much of the system resources for scanning and updates. I have installed Microsoft’s Antivirus along with my Kaspersky Internet Security, and both are working happily without hogging the system resources.

Chance to win Volkswagen Polo from Microsoft

Microsoft is offering Volkswagen Polo to a lucky winner as part of promoting their Windows 7 Operating System. Windows celebrated its Birthday on Nov 20. If you want to gift some one a Windows 7 PC, on thanksgiving day occasion, this is the right time to purchase. You have to give the invoice details and