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Download the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

Microsoft has announced the preview of its Internet Explorer 9, which is under development. The final release is expected in 2011. IE team will be putting more effort to improve the performance of IE9 and making the browser compatible with new standards,  especially in the areas of vector graphics, CSS3 and HTML5. IE 9 will

Download Speech Recognition Macros for your Windows PC

Do you want to trigger commands in your Windows Vista with your voice instructions?. Microsoft is giving away free Speech Recognition Macros for your Windows Vista. These Macros, in fact, extends the speech recognition capabilities available in Windows Vista. In order to use the Windows Speech Recognition(WSR) Macros you need to have  a microphone, minimum

Download Windows 7 beta Free from Microsoft

Its time for experiencing the new operating system Windows 7 from Microsoft Corporation.  Microsoft has opened the free beta download for testers, developers and tech enthusiasts to have a first hand experience. Windows users all over the world expects more from this new version of Windows Operating system, after Vista. The cool features that comes

Download Free Microsoft Press E-books on LINQ, Silverlight 2 and ASP.NET 3.5

Microsoft now offering e-books for free to Microsoft developers. Currently, Microsoft is giving away e-books on Programming Microsoft LINQ, Introducing Microsoft SilverLight 2 and Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5. Only requirement you need satisfy, is to to have a Microsoft Live account and need to subscribe for the newsletters. Download free Microsoft Press e-books on LINQ,

Avail Free Perks Online by using Microsoft Live Search

Microsoft Live Search is currently holding 4th position in the world website traffic rankings as per the details collected by In order to push and convert more users to use live search engine instead of other prominent search engines like, Yahoo and Google, Microsoft has launched a point based free online perks program. Once

Get Free MSDN Magazine and Dr. Dobb’s Journal Digital editions

Microsoft is giving away free annual subscription of MSDN Magazine worth US$60 and Dr. Dobb’s Journal worth US$ 30 digital editions. This is a nice opportunity for software professionals and technology enthusiasts who are interested to own a copy of MSDN Magazine and Dr. Dobb’s Journals without paying any amount, and to stay in touch

Microsoft Speed Launch from Office Labs: An alternative to Launchy

You might be well aware of Launchy, desktop utility available to the windows PC to launch programs without using the windows start menu and with few keystrokes. Now Microsoft Corporation also made an initiative to provide a Launchy like desktop utility for Windows PCs. The utility named Microsoft Speed Launch can help the windows users

Live Search attracts users with new background images

To make its presence felt and to establish a bigger internet market footprint, live search team is trying all the possible ways. Initially they have started offering monetary benefits to its users for using their search features. Now Live search has come up with new background images, featuring sports and related activities. The above screenshot

Advertisement for Firefox 3 in Live search result

While was trying some search keywords related to Firefox 3 in Live search engine, I happened to notice a very important advertisement. It is nothing but an advertisement of Firefox 3 on top of all Live search results. I just entered “firefox 3 download” as the search key. Even though Microsoft may be gaining some