Avail Free Perks Online by using Microsoft Live Search

Microsoft Live Search is currently holding 4th position in the world website traffic microsoft-live-search-online-perks rankings as per the details collected by Alexa.com. In order to push and convert more users to use live search engine instead of other prominent search engines like, Yahoo and Google, Microsoft has launched a point based free online perks program. Once you register for free search perks program from Microsoft, each search query you make in live search is counted as one ticket. As soon as you register for this program you will be given 500 free bonus tickets. And you can redeem this tickets to get Five Music Downloads if you reach 525 tickets, a Cook Book if you reach 3400 tickets, Xbox Wireless Joystick if you accumulate 4500 tickets and many more. You can choose your prize once they end promotion in April 15, 2009.

Only one catch is there, you have have Internet Explorer 6 or higher to avail this offer and there is a maximum limit of 25 tickets per day. So this tactic is not just for increasing the traffic to live search but also to with stand the wars happening in the World of Web Browsers. Get search your free perks and prizes from Microsoft.

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