Download Windows 7 beta Free from Microsoft

Its time for experiencing the new operating system Windows 7 from Microsoft Corporation.  Microsoft has opened the free beta download for testers, developers and tech enthusiasts to have a first hand experience.

Windows users all over the world expects more from this new version of Windows Operating system, after Vista.

The cool features that comes with Windows 7 are:

  • Multi touch
  • Handwriting recognition
  • New Multimedia Center
  • Gadgets integrated to Explorer
  • New ways to work with Invisible Windows
  • Better Windows Live integration
  • Better Device Management
  • New Home Group
  • Less memory usage and less boot time.

After the heavy response from beta requesters Microsoft even lifted the limit imposed on their download servers. Download Windows 7 Beta for free.

Also here are some links to the fresh reviews on Windows7

Also watch the demo video of Windows 7 below;

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