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Best place where you can buy and sell Handmade items

In this century, the machine made items have dominated over the hand made  products due to easy availability of machine made things, depending on increasing demand. The inability to increase production volume from a threshold to meet the increasing demand for products also gave machine made products an edge over the hand made things. This

Still room for new e-mail service provider?

I was in a notion that it’s almost impossible for a new email service provider to get an edge in the e-mail service providing sector, where big players like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Lycos are already dominated. But I knew that a well coordinated and planned advertising can make anything possible. World’s smallest email id service

Make Your Own Printable Photo Calendar Online

Yet another New Year is around the corner. Yes, 2008 is in the verge of bidding good bye. This would be the best time to prepare and plan your activities for the coming year 2009. First of all, as with every individual, you wish to have a nice calendar preferably with your favorite photos, to

Social Networking site features free video and text chat in the web browser

Now a days Social Networking is the buzz word in the internet, most of the big multinational conglomerates and venture capitalists made the business diversion to internet with social networking sites as their stepping stone. You would have received a lot of invitations from different social networking sites, by this time. Each of social networking

Dell Partners with for Mini PC launch

Dell one of the leading manufacturers of PCs and Notebooks partnered with online storage space provider, so as to provide Dell Inspiron Mini users an integrated web based file storage, access and sharing solution. This partnership  would underscore the need for virtualized and web focused  storage solution to satisfy future demands in personal computing.

Download Skype for your mobile to make cheaper calls

Skype has made a revolution in voice chat and internet telephony with its well pronounced voice clarity. Now Skype stands ahead of its competitors in the same field, with its innovative and creating touch to internet telephony. They also provides of couple of hardwares, that can be used to directly make Skype calls with and

Enjoy new lively virtual internet world from Google

The instinct of humans to socialize are continuously being chosen now days, to get an edge in online business. Virtual World is the recent idea in this array. The virtual life stir was accelerated by SecondLife, an year back. Now big players like Google, has entered the world of internet virtual life to make the

Use TokBox to make free video call and conferencing using web browser

TokBox provides a web based video call, chat and conferencing service without installing any chat client on your computer. TokBox makes use of the capability of Adobe Flash to use webcam and microphone to facilitate the video call and conferencing. This is very easy to use web application for making video calls and conferencing with