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Amazon Cloud Drive Photos for iOS Devices

Amazon now competes with Apple Photo Stream by providing Cloud storage for backing up photos in iOS devices.  Amazon provides 5GB of free storage. If your photo sizes 2MB on an average, then you could store around 2500 photos in Amazon Cloud Drive Photos , which is more than the cloud storage space provided by

How to backup WordPress Database

Backing up your WordPress database is very important to help you survive and restore  your WordPress blog or website upon hacker attacks!. It is very easy and simple to backup of your WordPress database. Generally, you can accomplish backup through two approaches; If you do not have direct shell access to your server or you

Firefox 20 – A Gift from 15 year old Mozilla

Mozilla has released the Firefox 20 as a gift to its users on the occasion of completing 15 years in making and keeping the web  free  and open to all the internet users, since 31 March 1998!. Thanks and salute to Mozilla corporation!. There are few incredible updates added along with Firefox 20, few are

Simple Explanation of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?. You would get different answers, different versions, on Cloud Computing! I found a very simple video explanation of what is cloud computing!  Its made in Salesforce perspective, but still it explains the basics and how cloud computing can help business lowering cost and increasing productivity.

Facebook Gifts – E-Commerce in Social Dimension

Facebook Gifts, an innovative approach by Facebook team to give e-commerce business a social dimension. Unlike normal online gifting services for special occasions and moments, Facebook gifts supports sending gifts without actually knowing the recipients address. The Facebook Gifts let you buy a gift for your Facebook  friend, from the list of available gifts vendors. You don’t have to remember or

AdSense reporting Chrome Extension from Google

AdSense reporting statistics for publishers can be easily accessed from your favorite web browser, Google Chrome. Google AdSense team has launched a very useful Google Chrome extension for viewing the AdSense report instantly from Chrome web browser, the AdSense Publisher Toolbar. Install the AdSense reporting extension for Chrome to get instant details about publishers AdSense

Do presentation without projector in a LAN

In lecture or training sessions you may not get a projector for delivering presentations. Still there is a work around to give impressive presentations. All you need to have is a PC for one or group of students or attendees, a LAN connecting all the PCs (can be wired as well as wireless network) and

How to unblock sites and anonymous browsing-Use new web proxies

Favorite sites Facebook, Gmail, YouTube,or Yahoo are blocked at your school, college or at your work place, then you would rely mainly on web proxies. The proxy sites not only allow you to unblock the blocked websites at your school, college and at work place, but also help you to browse anonymous on non blocked

Send Christmas wishes through Santa Claus-Thanks to GMail

Now you can convey Christmas messages and wishes to your friends, family and colleagues through Santa Claus!. Google team has came up with an idea of sending personalized calls or video from Santa to your friends, relatives, colleagues etc.. You can compose and send your Christmas message and wishes with the help of this service.