How to backup WordPress Database

Backing up your WordPress database is very important to help you survive and restore  your WordPress blog or website upon hacker attacks!. It is very easy and simple to backup of your WordPress database.


Generally, you can accomplish backup through two approaches;

If you do not have direct shell access to your server or you are not so friendly with commands, you can opt for WordPress plugins that can do the job for you!.

Few WordPress plugins for database backup are;

And, if you have direct shell access and comfortable with commands, you may use the mysqldump command for getting the copy of your entire wordpress database, eg;

mysqldump -u <databaseuser> -h <hostname> -p<password>  <database_name>  > /home/user/wordpress-db-backup-16APR13.sql

You may use an FTP client for copying the backup file to your local desktop or laptop. And, do not forget to keep multiple copies of this backup file preferably in Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive etc!.

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