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How to backup WordPress Database

Backing up your WordPress database is very important to help you survive and restore  your WordPress blog or website upon hacker attacks!. It is very easy and simple to backup of your WordPress database. Generally, you can accomplish backup through two approaches; If you do not have direct shell access to your server or you

Free Stylish and Premium Blogger, WordPress Templates

Blogger and WordPress platforms have matured to a level, where the templates are capable of providing facilities much more than publishing articles. You can get lots of pug-ins, widgets and scripts to make your blog much more interactive and dynamic.I wish to share a list of stylish and premium blogger as well as WordPress templates

Get free customized news and poster widgets for your blog

Mr. Jaffe has suggested me about widgetmate.com that would help bloggers, webmasters and surfers to create custom widgets to get dynamic news updates and posters as per their requirements.You can get two types of widgets from WidgetMate.com: News widgets: Would help you to gather latest news in your are of interest.Poster Widgets: This can get