Get free customized news and poster widgets for your blog

Mr. Jaffe has suggested me about that would help bloggers, webmasters and surfers to create custom widgets to get dynamic news updates and posters as per their requirements.

You can get two types of widgets from

News widgets: Would help you to gather latest news in your are of interest.
Poster Widgets: This can get you well demanding posters, related to movies and events.

You can have these news and poster widgets in different layouts like; Scrolling Sidebar layout,sidebar narrow layout with border, wide scrolling layout with images, sidebar layout with images, mid-sized layout without images, wide layout without images, sidebar scrolling layout without images, scrolling News Ticker and above all you can even customize these layouts.

These widgets are compatible with Blogger, TypePad, WordPress blogging platforms.
Get your free custom news and poster widgets from

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