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Free Stylish and Premium Blogger, WordPress Templates

Blogger and WordPress platforms have matured to a level, where the templates are capable of providing facilities much more than publishing articles. You can get lots of pug-ins, widgets and scripts to make your blog much more interactive and dynamic.I wish to share a list of stylish and premium blogger as well as WordPress templates

Add new dynamic templates to your blog

Google has added a new approach in viewing blog content through the dynamic templates option available in blogger. Now its pretty easy for a beginners to add professional quality templates. It’s really fantastic approach that would help bloggers to easily adapt their blogs and also gives an option for viewers to choose among new magazine,

Enjoy OpenId power in Blogger Comments

Blogger team has diversified the authorization to make comments by providing OpenId support for blogspot platform. What is OpenId: OpenID is a way of having decentralized online identity and which can be used anywhere OpenID is supported. Now with the OpenId support, users can make use of their OpenId url to get authorised to comment

Blogger reports error code bX-ltlqzv while uploading images

Blogger shown a error page as shown below, when I tried to upload one image for my blog post. In order to post the image, I waited for few minutes and then uploaded the image again by closing the previous image upload window. Then it worked fine. You can also do the same method to

How blogger play will help your blog get famous

Blogger team has recently launched a new photo sliding portal for blogger. The portal named will take care of showing the latest images uploaded by bloggers on blogspot platform dynamically. One pretty thing is that, they also link to the blog in which the image is displayed. So If you have posted an article

Video Blogging Made easy in Blogger with video direct uploading

Its a welcome step from Blogger team to have direct video uploading facility in blogspot platform. You can notice the new Add Video icon, near the Add Image icon. In the earlier days, in order to embedd video we had to upload the video into YouTube or Google Videos and then embedd the code in

Blogcatalog is down for maintenance to rejuvenate it’s capacity

BlogCatalog is one of the premiere free blog directory, Blog Catalog, available on the internet. Bloggers can submit, search, rate and review lakhs of blogs in different categories.They have provided specific but wide range of categories so that none of the blogs won’t misstheir niche of topics. But in order to accommodate the greater traffic

Get free customized news and poster widgets for your blog

Mr. Jaffe has suggested me about that would help bloggers, webmasters and surfers to create custom widgets to get dynamic news updates and posters as per their requirements.You can get two types of widgets from News widgets: Would help you to gather latest news in your are of interest.Poster Widgets: This can get

Temporary solution for blogger template save problem

Finally the template save challenge I was facing got a work around from blogger team.Blogger engineers found out that the issue was because of an outdated adsense code and they areworking on it to fix.What we need to do is to add the following line of code into each ad code snippet, directly after the

Blogger reports error on Save Template Changes

When I tried to make some modifications to my blogger template, it was giving “unable to complete request” error. The problem was only with my account, even I checked with my friends they are not facing these challenges. I have tried from two different systems but still the problem persists. I tried with both firefox