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Add new dynamic templates to your blog

Google has added a new approach in viewing blog content through the dynamic templates option available in blogger. Now its pretty easy for a beginners to add professional quality templates. It’s really fantastic approach that would help bloggers to easily adapt their blogs and also gives an option for viewers to choose among new magazine,

Getting page rank of 6 outof 10

We would like to thank Google for awarding us page rank 6/10!. An incredible recognition, in fact. It was great moment for us, when we realize that our blog has been given 6/10 rank. I would like to share some tips, that would have helped us, to reach this point. Providing your own content (the

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

Kaspersky is a leading internet and computer security software provider, for enterprise as well as personal systems. It is always better to have a genuine antivirus or internet security software in your computer to avoid most of the viruses, Trojans and malware attacks. The all new Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 comes with following features Protects

New Windows Live Writer 2011 for intuitive and intelligent blogging

The ultimate blogging desktop client, Windows Live Writer, has incorporated pretty new features to assist bloggers,  in Writer 2011. Writing and editing posts became more intelligent and intuitive. New features include, easy insertion of videos from YouTube, msn, and other video sharing sites. Image editing and formatting has been improved remarkably. You can easily tilt,

Download the Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

Microsoft has announced the preview of its Internet Explorer 9, which is under development. The final release is expected in 2011. IE team will be putting more effort to improve the performance of IE9 and making the browser compatible with new standards,  especially in the areas of vector graphics, CSS3 and HTML5. IE 9 will

Add Glitter to your Facebook and Orkut Profile Photos

You don’t need to be a Photoshop guru to add Glitter to your photos and other graphics. Its pretty simple and you don’t have to install any software also. Only thing you need to do is, to upload your images to and use their  interface to add Glitter to your photos. Done. Now you

Enable Your Firefox Web Browser to load faster

Firefox allows its users to customize the web browsing and loading performance parameters to experience faster and better web browsing. These performance tuning are to be carried out carefully. Watch the following video tutorial that would help you to fine-tune your favourite Firefox web browser.

Susan Boyle: New sensation in Britains Got Talent 2009 auditions

It was a great surprise for all the audience and the judges of Britains Got talent   2009, when the 47 year old Susan Boyle from a remote village delivered the song “Cry Me A River”. Her voice was so sweet and well modulated, like a very well experienced professional singer. And the song she delivered

Google pushes competitive bidding in its ads

Google advertisement placing strategy was more program driven, without any  bidding of advertisement values on particular website. This makes the Google ads pricing known only to the programs and ad managers, but not to the advertisers and publishers. Google took a new step towards the advertisement strategy by adding Ad Planner for publishers, to define

Web Conferencing, Online Meeting and Presentations freely with Adobe ConnectNow

Online conferencing, meeting, presentations and sharing reports are very important part of a client oriented business. All these activities had come with a price, till the Adobe ConnectNow has launched its free web conferencing facility with added features. Using Adobe ConnectNow you can share ideas, discuss details of the business and activities, move the work