Susan Boyle: New sensation in Britains Got Talent 2009 auditions

britains_got_talent_logoIt was a great surprise for all the audience and the judges of Britains Got talent¬†¬† 2009, when the 47 year old Susan Boyle from a remote village delivered the song “Cry Me A River”. Her voice was so sweet and well modulated, like a very well experienced professional singer.

And the song she delivered for Britains Got Talent 2009 auditions will change her life very much. I think she will be listed among the very few fortunate people who turned celebrities in few days. I strongly feel that, we were missing this sweet voice for many many years. Its certain that Susan Boyle, would become one of the top singers, not only in UK but in the whole world.


And here is big take for our YouTube owner Google. Within few days of Susan Boyle’s audition song, the video of the event started getting popular in the internet. The views of Susan Boyle’s video has increased like in a chain reaction. The views have grown even to make the Susan Boyle’s video among the most viewed videos of all time (If we club the views to different videos uploaded on the same show).

Watch and enjoy Susan Boyles performance in Britains Got Talent 2009.

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