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Beijing Olympic 2008 schedule and medal info gadget for your Google Homepage

You would have noticed that Google has joined the celebrations of 2008 Beijing Olympics by daily putting Olympic event specific Google logos in the search homepage. Those Olympic Google logos look so creative and attractive. Apart from these logos, Google is also providing the live Olympic 2008 schedules of events and medal information through Google

Dell using Hcl as adwords keyword for their Vostro’s advertisement

HCL is known to be one of the popular brand in Indian computer market. And Dell is a giant in world computer market. Its quiet natural that most of the international companies wear the respective national shoes for flourishing their business in a particular country. I have a similar tactic played by Dell to share

Secure your sensitive online data with Passpack

Even though your sensitive data is transmitted through an encrypted and secure channel, those data may be available at the server side without any encryption. In order to ensure the security even at the host side, provides a service based on Host-proof hosting. Its nothing but keeping an encrypting key on the client or

One way linking is the best way to improve your page rank

Traffic to your blog or website from search engines are primarily driven by the number of one way links to your website, the backlinks. Especially Google does matter this very much, compared to two-way links. With this idea in mind there came a lot of websites which actually started selling one way links to other

What is the net worth of your blog or website in Dollars?

The worth of a blog or website may be an important concern for all bloggers and webmasters. Most of them are keen to know the net worth of their own blog or website in dollars also. There is a simple tool from to evaluate the net worth of your website or blog. They will

Know the heat map of your website or blog for better ad placement

Heat map of a website or blog is very important for properly planning the placement of advertisements. The heat map can helps you analyze the prominent links, which your visitors are targeting and the area of focus of visitors. The best advertisement placements strategy is specific to each website and blog. Heat map of your

Watch YouTube and MetaCafe Videos at work and school even if blocked

It may happen to most of the people at work and school, to be deprived of favorite online video sharing sites. Especially to those who in middle east. There is a workaround to watch videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Google videos, Yahoo Videos and ifilm, even if these video sites are blocked at your work place

Great collection of free blogger xml templates

This is a great news for all bloggers in blogspot platform who is looking for some professional xml blog templates. Thanks to Amanda for her great effort to help fellow bloggers. She has provided all those templates for free. You can download professional and classic templates that well suites with your blogging niche from Amanda’s

Download Internet Explorer 8 beta from Microsoft

Microsoft has geared up to release its IE 8 final by the end of this year 2008. They have made a beta release of IE 8 for Web developers and Designers. The new Internet Explorer comes well integrated with Microsoft online services like live, maps, spaces etc. I felt that Its much faster compared to

Make backup and restoration of blogspot blogger blogs

Even though Google servers are reliable and fast, there may arise situations where you may lose your valuable blog posts. This can be either due to Google server errors, or may be because of blogger policy violations from blog owners side. So it is always better and safer to keep backup of your blog regularly.