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Blogcatalog with new revamped design and theme

BlogCatalog is a specific social networking site which targets bloggers. Apart from a bloggers social networking site it is also one of the largest blog directories on the internet. Even if you are a not a blogger and you want to search and read blogs, to get connected with bloggers, learn more about blogging, Blogcatalog

Add widgets to map your favorite places on your blog

Widgets can always add beauty to your blog, if it is chosen as per the needs and relevance of your blog content. You can find a lot of common widgets like, mybloglog, blogcatalog visitors widgets, flickr, picasa photo widgets etc. in many of the blogs. Nomao has some thing not different but familiar idea put

Download free McAfee VirusScan Plus Special Edition

AOL partnered with McAfee to deliver most comprehensive free set of safety tools available in the market. McAfee VirusScan Plus – Special edition from AOL is the result of this partnership. This software provides* Virus protection: To guard your whole PC.* Spyware Protection: To block potentially unwanted programs.* Firewall: To help keep hackers out. System

How to add more than 15 contacts per day in MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog is a very famous blog networking and tracking website acquired by Yahoo. MyBlogLog still imposes a limit for adding number of contacts per day for ordinary accounts. The current limit for adding contacts for ordinary users is 15 per day. But now MyBlogLog users can overcome this per day limit for adding contacts by

Make a press release for your blog or website

Would you like to make a press release about the important events or activities of your blog or website. Don’t worry, no need to approach press clubs. There are some sites which are ready to accomplish the same through internet for you. You can publish your import events and activities with Also this is

How to know the speed of broadband internet connection

In order to verify the bandwidth claimed by the internet service provider, as available to the internet user, we may have to find out the current usable bandwidth of our broadband internet connection.And, here is a free broadband internet connection speed/ bandwidth testing service available online. It is none other than, Through this online

Make your browser a full Screen 3D wall of photos with PicLens

Here is a nice photo viewing add on for your web browser, for those who are tired of conventional slideshows. The PicLens features a 3D photo slideshow, within your browser. Its very simple to view the photos on a 3D wall within your browser. Just keep your mouse pointer on the image of the website

Simple and Easy way to promote Blog and Website where ever you go

Blog or website promotion is the most important part, if you are expecting good result out of them. Thus, its is the hard thing to achieve, unless you follow very systematic and proper way of promotion and advertising strategies. Earlier, I have compiled about Successful ways of blog promotion. If you are not doing blog

Make voices heard through Avaaz

Are you interested to be part of movements that can make new and positive changes in this world, and actions that can help struggling people around this world. You can checkout the site:, which is putting their efforts to make the voices heard. Avaaz in Hindi means Voice. You can join Avaaz to be

Google Adsense with the power of DoubleClick

DoubleClick was one of the major competitor for Google in the online advertising. Due to the acquisition of DoubleClick, Google will become the front runner in online and digital advertising. So what would be the possible impact?. As, Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google mentioned, the merger will spawn new realm in digital and