Blogcatalog with new revamped design and theme

BlogCatalog is a specific social networking site which targets bloggers. Apart from a bloggers social networking site it is also one of the largest blog directories on the internet.

Even if you are a not a blogger and you want to search and read blogs, to get connected with bloggers, learn more about blogging, Blogcatalog could be a prime destination for you. And if you are a blogger who wish to promote blog, Blogcatalog is an ideal place to do that. Also there are lot of discussions where you can get free suggestions and reviews about your blog contents, designs and tips to improve the your traffic and earnings from the blog through AdSense and similar content advertising programs.

Blogcatalog has revamped its design and looks to give cool effects for visitors. Changing looks of websites are becoming a new trend now a days. You can see the Big G to small g favicon change in Google.

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  1. Rose DesRochers June 3, 2008

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