Do presentation without projector in a LAN

In lecture or training sessions you may not get a projector for delivering presentations. Still there is a work around to give impressive presentations.

All you need to have is a PC for one or group of students or attendees, a presentation-without-using-projectorLAN connecting all the PCs (can be wired as well as wireless network) and a special software that will take care of sharing the desktop of the presenter or the lecturer/ professor who is delivering the session to the students or the attendees.

One of the proclaimed software for sharing the desktop sessions remotely across the network is Radmin. With the help of this software you can share the presentation slides with the attendees in real-time just by installing a remote viewer of Radmin at the client side.

The presenter can control the accessibility of the presentation by the clients. You easily use mouse as laser pointer to draw the attention of audience to a specific area.  Download the Radmin Server and Viewer.

After the presentation you can even share slides a PDF to them, and remember always to convert your presentation to PDF format before sharing.

You can also try the remote desktop client for Mac from Microsoft to view and access the remote windows desktop. And, if you are sitting quite far from the audience, geographically, then you can very well use the Google Docs presentation for accomplishing the remote presentations and conferencing.

And, if you are using Microsoft Windows and having live account, you can access and sync your data across PC and internet devices using live mesh.

There is also an interesting way to control your PC with a mobile using Webex. Also, you can use the screen video and audio capturing software at the presenter’s notebook or pc for keeping¬† video copy of the delivered presentation.

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