How to count characters and words Online-in Lines, Sentences and Paragraphs

Optimizing the number of characters and words to express the heading and the links are very important in SEO. Many micro blogging services has a restriction in number characters that need to be used express our thoughts.

For example, Twitter’s character limit is 140, an SMS text message limit is 160 characters. Google AdSense (for normal users) ads can have 25 characters for the title, 70 characters for the ad text, and 35 characters for the displayed URL. So its very important to learn how to express the idea and thoughts that need to be conveyed with less number of characters.

We all know that the Ctrl+Shift+G keyboard shortcut in MS Word will give the total character, words, paragraphs and lines count.

I would like to share with you few online services, which I really make use for counting characters and words, for framing messages, headings, description and URL.


2. Javascript Charcount

3. Letter count

4. AllworldPhone Count Words.

Microsoft Word 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts
Microsoft Excel 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts

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