Google announces Free in-home Wireless broadband service !!!

Have you ever dreamed of getting broadband service for FREE???. Now Google has made its first step to gift the service. You need to believe it, because its from Google.

TiSP (BETA) is new FREE in-home wireless broadband service from Google.

Great Features of TiSP.

  • It’s fast. In Google’s testing, TiSP delivers a 10 times higher flow rate than basic DSL.
  • It’s FREE. No more paying hundreds of bucks a year for Internet service that doesn’t even necessarily extend to your bathroom!
  • It’s good for you. Your FREE TiSP service includes a Google Toolbar-based analysis of your dietary habits and genetic predispositions, along with recommendations for healthier living.

How Google is offering TiSP for free?.
First and foremost Google believes all its users deserve free and fast online access.
To offset the cost incurred by TiSP Google collects information from your DNA sequences
in your personal bodily wastes disposed, to display contextual ads conforming to your cooking and food habits and current health status. Everything by keeping your privacy undisclosed.

System requirements for TiSP.

  • Windows XP/Vista (Mac and Linux support coming soon)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0+ or Firefox 1.5+ with the Google Toolbar
  • Round-front or elongated toilet providing at least 1.0 gallons per flush
  • Use of automatic toilet bowl cleaners is not recommended.

Challenges for TiSP

  • The service is only available in U. S. and Canada.
  • TiSP requires the use of a central sewer system to connect your home to the Internet.
  • Mobility factor, expecting TiSP On the Run(TiSPOTR) in near future.

So stay tuned to hear and feel more about TiSP from Google. See TiSP FAQs.

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