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Video about GMail features from GMail Engineers

Watch the exciting video from GMail Engineers from Google,which depicts why one should use GMail. This video is hostedin YouTube currently owned by Google. Watch this video and spread the message of GMail. Related readings:GMail opened for public without invitation | Watch this Video Online

Beware of Email Scam and Phishing

I happened to receive an email, claiming to be from PayPal, and asking me to click the link provided with the mail.And funny thing was that the from address was referring to ““, can be confused with ““. Thanks for GMail. It marked the mail as Spam and also inserted a warning message in the

Google Home Page in 1998

Do you remember how was the Google Home Page in 1998.See the image below.This is the image I got from Wikipedia.You can get the more details of Google and Googleplex fromWikiPedia.Check it out.

Get SMS Event Alerts from Google Calendar.

Google calendar supports sending event alerts through SMS, if you have a mobile and Google account. Its very simple and you can setup this within one minute. Login to with your Google account user name and password.And go to the “Settings” link on the top right section of the page. In “Calendar Settings” section

Share Videos along with your Photo Albums in Orkut

Google has introduced video sharing in Orkut, facilitating its users toshare there videos with friends. Users can opt for adding videos existing in Google Video and YouTubeOr else they can upload their own videos to either Google Video or YouTube and share it through Orkut. Its again a golden feather is to Orkut‘s and there

Google™ Code Jam Latin America 2007

Overview Google is making their next stop in Latin America! Get ready for the biggest battle the continent has ever seen. There will be R$75,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs and enough challenging problems for the most talented engineers. What is the Google Code Jam Latin America 2007? The tournament is a timed

Mail Fetcher – Use your GMail as POP mail client

Its one more golden feather to GMail‘s crown!!Mail Fetcher allows you to use GMail as a POP mail client to access other mail accounts. You’ll be able to read email from up to five additional accounts, to your GMail , and also use all of the great features available with GMail.To set up this feature

Google Video Target of Copyright Suit

Although Google is not disclosing the origin of the suit, a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this week indicates that its Google Video service is the subject of a copyrightinfringement lawsuit. It also admitted the YouTube acquisition may lead to additional liabilities. “Certain entities have also filed copyright claims against us, alleging