GMail is open to Public, without invitation – Do you have it with you?

Finally, Google opened GMail for public. Now any one can sign up for New GMail account from GMail Home Page even without giving their mobile number.

Main features of GMail are:

  • Less spam :Users say that less spam is one of the top reasons that they love Gmail.
  • More storage :Over 2,800 megabytes (and growing every second) of free storage so you will never need to delete another message.
  • Gmail chat:You can chat right inside of GMail. Even save all of your chats. No special software necessary.
  • Mobile access :Read GMail on your mobile phone by pointing your phone’s web browser to Learn more
  • Fast response: With AJAX approach to mail, the response delay is almost nill, is’nt it really fantastic?.
  • Easily integrated with other Google products.

Its really a boon for non GMail users. So, don’t have a GMail account yet???. Get it now itself, and Enjoy the power of Google Mail Service.

Get GMail.

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