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Personalized mass emails with Gmail Mail Merge feature -Tutorial

Personalized mass emails with Gmail will help you invite your friends, colleagues and relatives for party invitations in an effortless way. First of all you need to save a copy of the mail merge template to your Google docs. Now you can fill up the email addresses to which you need to send customized invitations

Why switch to new GMail look

GMail has revamped its new look along with new features making it more intuitive and fast. This new look gives a feeling of using email client application once you login to GMail. New features available  with the new look are Streamlined conversation: Now its pretty easy to read and keep track of email conversations from

Help yourself to fight SPAM and fraud Mails

In spite of great spam filters running behind the mail service providers, spammers are succeeding new and INNOVATIVE methods to spread spam mails. Some spammers make use of resembling word arts to canvas their products and to steal personal information from users. Some even fake the email ids of big internet players to send spam

Google adds theme support to your GMail

There was an opinion among yahoo and hotmail lovers about GMail, that it looks so primitive and plain when it comes to visual appealing. But now its the time to change the way GMail has been perceived, based its look and feel. Now you can have 30 and increasing themes for your GMail inbox. This

Video Chat within Web Browser: Now have it in your GMail

After a long wait, Google launched its video and audio chat facility within the web browser. Only requirement is that, you have to download and install the video chat  plug-in. Once you are done with installation, just restart your web browser to experience the video chat within your GMail inbox. The GMail video chat works

Is GMail moving towards a Google Web OS ?

In recent years if you look at the GMail labs activities, it will become evident that Google is pushing more features in the new version of GMail. Now you can add any Google gadgets to your GMail. Recently Google integrated its Calendar gadget, Docs and Spread sheet gadgets with GMail, which has already hosting its

Expression your emotions in GMail with new inbuilt smileys

A picture can speak more than words, similarly a smiley can express emotions more than words. GMail makes the mail composing much more colorful and easy to express emotions with new inbuilt smileys. GMail composing comes with all the default smileys and some new smileys from Google which relates to hugs, technology, weather, music and

Add Mark as read button in your GMail Inbox

Google team believes in iterating their products with new features by keeping it  in beta for long time. Similarly strategy is played in GMail also with the introduction of GMail labs. GMail team is doing a great job by adding new features which not available in other mail service providers. They have gathered this feature

How to signout your GMail sessions remotely

Sometime we may forget to signout our GMail sessions after using them in Office or in a cybercafe. This may cause a serious problem, when some other people get access to your Google account. Now to avoid this issue Google has added new feature in GMail which would help your signout all the sessions remotely.