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Unlimited email storage challenges OperaMail in 3MB age

After the onset of Web 2.0, web mail service has improved a lot in quality of presentation, fast response, assured delivery of mails, and very much in the mail storage size. Now we are in a era of web mail, where; Yahoo mail provides unlimited mail storage. Google provides ever increasing mail storage and 20GB

RediffMail Goes Unlimited

Now its the turn for RediffMail, to withstand the AJAX and Web 2.0 influence in Free MailServices RediffMail has upgraded its mail service to look like Outlook or Thunderbird view.But that time they restricted their mail quota to 1GB and now they made it unlimited!!!. So you dont have to worry about the storage any

Is HotMail is getting busier nowadays.

When I tried to login to my HotMail account, I got a Server Busy pagefrom Hotmail. It says that I have to try login again after some time, as HotMailservers are experiencing higher than normal volume. See the image below. What could be the reason?. Is it because, HotMail is keeping aside its Standard Userswhen