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Google is on the way challenging Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an indispensable part of the internet, it acts as online version of complete encyclopedia. It supports more than 23 languages and has 2461000+ articles. Also Wikipedia is listed among the top ten most visited website based on Alexa ranking. Another important thing about Wikipedia is that they doesn’t have any advertisement in any

Use Google Notebook for instant Online Notemaking needs

You might be well aware of the notemaking softwares available for desktops, one from very famous Microsoft’s Office family, Microsoft OneNote and the other with a touch of free and open source motives, Evernote. But when it comes to online note making, Google leads the pack. Google Notebook, which was released even few years back,

Download new google talk labs edition with cool new features

Google has unveiled the Google Talk(GTalk) labs edition with cool new features, after a long wait. Google demands you to have Windows XP or Vista for experiencing the new Google Talk Labs Edition. The new Google Talk Labs Edition comes with most of the features that are present in GMail Chat and Google Chat widget.

Google changed favicon Big G to small g

Look matters for all the business players and firms, Google is not an exception. You can notice that the favicon of Google and GMail services. The old big G has been changed to new small g. We all know Google is famous for its simplicity and modesty. I think the new favicon would underscore the

Google added new View menu to Google Doc Writer

Google Doc was missing the View option to see the word document as if we see in MS Word. Google doc team has supplemented this by adding a View menu and made it a much more easy to view. The new view option is the Fixed-width page view and also you can switch to the

Inline search box in Google search results

Google ranks the websites based on the importance of the content or service provided by the site. Depending on the amount of useful information a website has, Google even provide inline search box for each item within the Google search result. The inline search box will help the user to search within the specified website

Google Hot search trends India helps you to tailor your online business

Google Labs search trends from India is a must refer site for those who are planning their online business in India. Search engine referral is the major source of traffic to any web page available online, and Google being the number one search engine, the search trends plays a major role in online business planning.

Google Adsense with the power of DoubleClick

DoubleClick was one of the major competitor for Google in the online advertising. Due to the acquisition of DoubleClick, Google will become the front runner in online and digital advertising. So what would be the possible impact?. As, Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO of Google mentioned, the merger will spawn new realm in digital and

How to access restricted or expired domains web pages

Most of the netizens have the habit of keeping important and informative web page links in their bookmarks. It might happen that the domain of the link you bookmarked has been expired or restricted in the network. Then you will repent on not keeping the offline copy of the web page. But there is work

Use Google as a Currency Converter

You know that Google is anything more than a mere search engine. You can even use Google to find out current time in any place in this world. And lot more. Here is another useful way to make Google to work as a currency converter. You can view the current currency conversion rates with a