Download new google talk labs edition with cool new features

Google has unveiled the Google Talk(GTalk) labs edition with cool new features, after a long wait. Google demands you to have Windows XP or Vista for experiencing the new Google Talk Labs Edition.

The new Google Talk Labs Edition comes with most of the features that are present in GMail Chat and Google Chat widget. You can have Group chat and express emotions with your chat buddy. Each new chat window will be added as new tab to the Google Talk main window. You can get alerts for new mail received in GMail inbox, for new scraps in Orkut, also event alerts in Google Calendar. And there is an option to disable alerts for one hour.

But there are some more features that are missing in Google Talk Labs Edition, that are available in GMail chat, like, option to be invisible in chat and a direct link to sign out of Google Talk. Now you need to Google Talk Labs Edition

Still Video Chat is a distant dream!!!!. Download Google Talk Labs Edition

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