Google Keep Note-taking integrated with Google Drive

Google Keep is a very promising note-taking app for Android devices from Google developers. It is well integrated with Google Drive for storing your notes safely and securely in the Google cloud storage.


Google Keep is pretty intuitive, simple and easy to use note-making app worth using for noting the activities and thoughts to remember.


Using Google Keep you can:

  • Keep track of your thoughts via notes, lists and photos
  • Have voice notes transcribed automatically
  • Use home screen widgets to capture thoughts quickly
  • Color-code your notes to help find them later
  • Swipe to archive things you no longer need
  • Turn a note into a checklist by adding check boxes

Download Google Keep app for Android

The notes made on your Android devices are well stored in the Google Drive and you can access them from anywhere  using the URL below, after login to the Google account configured for Android.


Watch the video below describing the Google Keep!

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