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Permanently Delete Facebook Profile without violating terms of service

Facebook is one of the famous social networking site in the world. Facebook has enhanced lot of its feature by allowing user made applications to play around Facebook. I have came to know about so many people feeling that they are spending more time in Facebook, and slowly getting addicted to Facebook. In order to

How do I remove my facebook, orkut and myspace profiles

Social networking is one of the booming business in the internet. Social networking sites have reached the current level by exploiting the basic tendency of humans to get connected and making their presence felt among others. There are lot of successful social networking sites, which increased the number of billionaires in the world. These sites

Facebook is in love with Open Source?

You all know about the latest trend setter in Social Networking area, Facebook, with Facebook application hosting feature. With the huge revenue generated in advertisements Facebook is also helping Open Source Software and Community. The screenshot below will explain further. I got this page, when I was searching about an apache project. Facebook is acting

Integrate Facebook and Firefox with Facebook Toolbar

Facebook is one of the hottest Social Networking website on the internet. Facebook became much more famous and admired by many people after the release of their Facebook Platform. The Platform provides an environment for interested Facebook users to develop their on web applications in Facebook, and there by extending the functionalities of Facebook. Now,