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Nokia Mobile for the War field Conditions

Its a new version of mobile, that can be used in war field!!!. In fact this is the resultof a wild imagination of a cartoonist, I believe. You can see a pistol in which a Nokia mobile is embedded. This seems to be a real funnyimage, can be a new device in future. It may

Create Penguin Image with Linux Kernel Code

Its indeed a great news for a Linux Geek, you can create Penguin image by properly putting the Linux Kernel code in html.Sound amazing?, in fact its already done by some Linux Geeks.I wish to share the same with you.Some people even derived a new answer to the question, how Penguin/Tux is associated with Linux?,

Let Google Index Your Brain !!!

Here is a pair of earrings which is carved with HTML tags on one and on other.I feel this could be one of the best ornament an HTML or Web Geek can have. This ornament was on sale in, but this has been sold out by 31 May 2007. [ Details ]So by wearing