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GMail Tasks to improve the productivity of its user

GMail team has recently added a new add-on feature, to improve the productivity of its users. They have introduced Tasks through GMail Labs, which would let you add a new Tasks window. GMail Tasks can be used to keep track of things that need to get done. The Tasks can be directly added from a

Is GMail moving towards a Google Web OS ?

In recent years if you look at the GMail labs activities, it will become evident that Google is pushing more features in the new version of GMail. Now you can add any Google gadgets to your GMail. Recently Google integrated its Calendar gadget, Docs and Spread sheet gadgets with GMail, which has already hosting its

Add Mark as read button in your GMail Inbox

Google team believes in iterating their products with new features by keeping it  in beta for long time. Similarly strategy is played in GMail also with the introduction of GMail labs. GMail team is doing a great job by adding new features which not available in other mail service providers. They have gathered this feature