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How to be invisible in GMail Chat

When Google introduced its chat, that didn’t have the option to be invisible as in the Yahoo messenger. There were options for setting custom messages and Google predefined status messages.But these didn’t satisfy the users who want absolute invisibility in Google chat while being online and who want to be very selective in chatting with

Answer to Yahoo and MSN Chat integration

GMail Chat has got one more jewel in its crown, its integrated AIM Chat. Now GMail users can chat with their friends having AIM ids, directly from GMail Chat. You can see all your AIM friends in your GMail Chat friends list and they are distinguished by a AIM icon along with the chat user

Enjoy emotions and group chat in GMail

GMail Team has integrated two new features to GMail Chat, graphical emotions and group chat. By using graphical emotion menu, user does not have to remember the keyboard code for each emotions. If a user want to express something through emotion symbols, just select the corresponding emotion icons from the menu provided with GMail Chat.

GTalk and Yahoo Messenger direct IM link HTML code in Blog

In order to give improved interactivity and to help blog readers to share the informationwith their friends regarding any blog post, Instat Messaging can play a lot.So it is very important to have a direct Instant Message composing/ creating link from your blog post.You may copy and paste the below html code to facilitate the

Groovy Tel – Receive calls to Gtalk or MSN Messenger from anywhere

Groovy Tel is a new service from Super Technologies Inc that allows the users of Google Talk, and MSN Messenger to receive phone calls from a regular phone line, anywhere in the world. Super Technologies Inc is a Florida based VOIP Telecom service provider with different suites of services related to retail and wholesale service

Google Talk Gadget and New Features for GTalk

Google came out with a Gadget for its revolutionary Instant Messaging solution GTalk. You can use this Gadget either by directly adding to your Google Personalized Home Pageor else you can directly add this Gadget to your web page by using the code provided by Google. Get the code Other newly introduced features of Google