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Free Stylish and Premium Blogger, WordPress Templates

Blogger and WordPress platforms have matured to a level, where the templates are capable of providing facilities much more than publishing articles. You can get lots of pug-ins, widgets and scripts to make your blog much more interactive and dynamic.I wish to share a list of stylish and premium blogger as well as WordPress templates

Add new dynamic templates to your blog

Google has added a new approach in viewing blog content through the dynamic templates option available in blogger. Now its pretty easy for a beginners to add professional quality templates. It’s really fantastic approach that would help bloggers to easily adapt their blogs and also gives an option for viewers to choose among new magazine,

Temporary solution for blogger template save problem

Finally the template save challenge I was facing got a work around from blogger team.Blogger engineers found out that the issue was because of an outdated adsense code and they areworking on it to fix.What we need to do is to add the following line of code into each ad code snippet, directly after the

Download free professional blogger templates

Here are some websites that offers free professional blogger templates for you. You can download the complete template code and customize it as your wish. These sites contains templates for both old and new blogger also for the wordpressblogs. Enjoy and share with your friends.