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Microsoft Word 2013 Wedding Invitation Templates

Microsoft Word 2013 provides free templates that would help you create elegant wedding invitations. These templates include necessary cutting guidelines, so that a user without much graphics and design background can get their own wedding invitations ready in less time. Sample screenshots of MS Word 2013 wedding invitation templates are given below. Download Microsoft Word

Add watermark in MS Word 2003 and 2007

After finishing the documents, before handing it over to other people, it is necessary to apply watermark to show the status or the confidentiality of the printed document (or even pdf document). Microsoft Word provides a very easy interface to add watermarks in the word documents. In MS Word 2003, you have to select the

Download business card templates for Microsoft Word.

Now you have a very easy way to get your business cards printed in a professional way using Microsoft Word. Microsoft is giving away the business card templates for Microsoft Word for free. You can select the best template that suite your business and profession for free. You can even customize those templates to match

Google included StarOffice with Google Pack to compete with Microsoft Word

Google is famous for its efficiency, perfection and completeness. Now Google added one more golden feather to its Google Pack Crown, StarOffice. So adding StarOffice, one of the competitive word processor from Sun Microsystems, would leave Microsoft in tension. Obviously, the support from search engine giant Google would increase the StarOffice market share and resulting