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How to stay safe from ransomeware and virus attacks

Ransomware attacks are not like the normal virus attacks where the destroy your data and mess up your computer systems network, but they seize your data and information for ransom. This is carried out through the process of encryption. In this process all the important data in the system will be encrypted using a specific

Security solutions for protection from WannaCry

When many computers across the world held ransom by WannaCry, there are few prominent security solutions that had the capability to detect and provide protection from the impending threats of the ransomware. These solutions were from well reputed Internet security solution providers. It was observed by ciso of a security firm that the WannaCry ransomware

Best anti virus software comparisons and reviews conducts reviews on the antivirus softwares available and will conduct different type of tests to bring out the effectiveness of the anti virus softwares. There also we can find out the details of latest anti virus products from respective vendors. These comparisons definitely would help the people to choose the anti virus software for

Download free Windows Malicious Software Removal tool from Microsoft

Microsoft released a malicious software removal tool for Windows. It support Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 computers. This software helps remove infections by specific and prevalent malicious software that includes Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom.As soon as the detection and removal process is complete, this tool displays a report describing the results, including

Download Free Security Software for Your Personal and Business Computers

I happen to use a fantastic security software for protecting my computer from spywares, adwares, and trojans. Its Spyware Terminator from Xacti Group , they also own Infact I cannot believe that the security software is free, even for business purposes.About The Spyware Terminator: Spyware Terminator offers you reliable, real-time protection against spyware, adware,