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Free Reliable Antivirus Software for Windows 8 PCs

Antivirus softwares are indeed a life saviour for computer systems, especially one which runs Windows Operating Systems. Most of the viruses target Windows OSes compared to other operating systems. Here we have the list of prominent free antivirus softwares you can download from the internet. AVG Antivirus AVG is one of the free but reliable

Download free antivirus from Microsoft

Microsoft provides free antivirus and antimalware for Windows users, with the Microsoft Security Essentials pack. It claims to be light weight and will not consume much of the system resources for scanning and updates. I have installed Microsoft’s Antivirus along with my Kaspersky Internet Security, and both are working happily without hogging the system resources.

Download new Kaspersky 2012

Kaspersky antivirus and internet security solutions are getting wider popularity among home, small office and business users. The latest security suite from Kaspersky Lab is Kaspersky 2012. Key features available with Kaspersky 2012 version of antivirus and internet security solutions are listed below. It Helps you enjoy safe and secure online transactions by warning you

How to disable AVG Antivirus

Some times you would have experienced the whole system is hogged by avg antivirus processes!. And all other word editing, emailing applications and photo editing tools are unable response properly. The AVG may be consuming a big chunk of CPU share, as it requires to scan many files for infections and to detect malwares. So

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

Kaspersky is a leading internet and computer security software provider, for enterprise as well as personal systems. It is always better to have a genuine antivirus or internet security software in your computer to avoid most of the viruses, Trojans and malware attacks. The all new Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 comes with following features Protects

Tips before you download a software using torrent facility

Torrent facility is most widely used to download music albums, movies and softwares from internet. Torrent clients take care of getting chunks of data from its peer computers and put them together to realize the complete data. But there are some hidden vulnerabilities if you use to download data using torrent facility. Major threat will

Best anti virus software comparisons and reviews conducts reviews on the antivirus softwares available and will conduct different type of tests to bring out the effectiveness of the anti virus softwares. There also we can find out the details of latest anti virus products from respective vendors. These comparisons definitely would help the people to choose the anti virus software for

Download Free Security Software for Your Personal and Business Computers

I happen to use a fantastic security software for protecting my computer from spywares, adwares, and trojans. Its Spyware Terminator from Xacti Group , they also own Infact I cannot believe that the security software is free, even for business purposes.About The Spyware Terminator: Spyware Terminator offers you reliable, real-time protection against spyware, adware,