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Web Conferencing, Online Meeting and Presentations freely with Adobe ConnectNow

Online conferencing, meeting, presentations and sharing reports are very important part of a client oriented business. All these activities had come with a price, till the Adobe ConnectNow has launched its free web conferencing facility with added features. Using Adobe ConnectNow you can share ideas, discuss details of the business and activities, move the work

Get Free Adobe FLEX Tutorials, Components and Themes

You might be aware of the Adobe Flex, which is used for the development and  deployment of cross platform Adobe Flash based rich Internet applications. Adobe Flex is behind most of the well interactive rich internet applications you come across now a days. Adobe is also providing very good software kit for Flex development called

Macromedia still alive through Adobe flash player

Flash has triggered the web revolution, by incorporating interactive multimedia content in the web. Macromedia ,which introduced Flash to the internet world, has been acquired by Adobe Inc before few years. And most of the superb products of Macromedia are under the umbrella of Adobe. If you just see the about link of flash player

Adobe Web Output Pak : Deliver dynamic documents in real time

Adobe® Web Output Pak software enables businesses to provide their customers with access to up-to-the-minute information via the Web or wireless devices. Deliver documents to customers in real time, with up-to-the-minute information. Generate documents in PDF, HTML, and WML for presentation to wireless devices. Define logical process steps using XML processing rules. Perform calculations on