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Attach huge files in Yahoo through Dropbox

Now you can attach any big file in Yahoo Mail, and send it to the recipient with the help of recently forged Yahoo Dropbox integration!. When GMail integrated Google Drive, and Outlook Mail integrated SkyDrive for huge file attachments, there were questions floating around about Yahoo’s stand. Now Yahoo gave  the answer with Dropbox integration. Follow

Mozilla Firefox is under Yahoo’s cover

Google was the main company behind the promotion of Mozilla Firefox,  till they launched the Chrome web browser. It was a symbiotic relation ship between Google and Firefox, putting Google as default search engine in Firefox in one direction and promoting Firefox, through Google AdSense and allied Google sites in other direction. But after the

Did Yahoo miss the Social Networking bus?

Even when the waves of social networking ripples across the internet , the Internet Giant is slipping its steps to catch the Social Networking bus. Yahoo has started its spree of acquisitions to come out with a social networking site, but it seems like bursting in futility. Yahoo once pushed, then, and

How to add more than 15 contacts per day in MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog is a very famous blog networking and tracking website acquired by Yahoo. MyBlogLog still imposes a limit for adding number of contacts per day for ordinary accounts. The current limit for adding contacts for ordinary users is 15 per day. But now MyBlogLog users can overcome this per day limit for adding contacts by

Sync desktop browser bookmarks with mobile

Suppose you are traveling or at your friends house and you are in need of accessing or showing some of your favorite websites you bookmarked in your desktop web browser. You may have a mobile or laptop with internet connection with you, but the bookmarks are in your home/office desktop, you will not be able

Download all your mail attachments as single Zip file

If your friends and colleagues send you a lot of photos and documents its very difficult and tiring effort to download them one by one. We would prefer to have the attachments downloaded as a single file. Now you can achieve this easy attachment bulk download with Yahoo Mail. You can see a “Download All”

Secure your Yahoo Mail with Sign-in Seal

Yahoo is insisting its users to have there own sign-in seal for their Yahoo accounts. This approach of having a sign-in seal make sure that you are getting the sign-in page from Yahoo itself and not a forged login page as result of phishing. Although most of the latest web browsers comes with this anti-phishing

Yahoo uses Google Adwords for business

Its all about business, there is no permanent enemy or friend in business. Everyone has to work for fulfilling their own business goals.Here is a live example to prove the above statement. You all know that Yahoo and Google are the main competitor in the Online World, apart from MSN. When I was googling for