Disney Sells 500,000 Movies on iTunes

Disney continues to have success inselling movies through the iTunes Music Store, saying Thursday it hadnow sold about 500,000 films in just the first two months of operation.Consumers are downloading movies at rate of about

IBM headsTop500 supercomputer list

An IBM system holds the top rank in the TOP500 Supercomputer Sites List, and the company’s systems accounted for 237 of the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world and almost half of the list’s

Rootkit Revealer Absorbed by Microsoft

The little software utility that uncovered the presence of Sony’s stealth DRM hiding like a rootkit inside a security engineer’s computer, and that triggered the chain of events that eventually led to the annulment ruling

Yahoo to Merge IM with Webmail Client

Yahoo said Thursday that it plans to integrate a Web-based version of its instant messaging program into the next beta of its Yahoo Mail Web application. The new client, which uses AJAX technology, is expected

Google Video Target of Copyright Suit

Although Google is not disclosing the origin of the suit, a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this week indicates that its Google Video service is the subject of a copyrightinfringement lawsuit. It

Sony: Celebrities Like the PlayStation 3

Because consumers apparently follow what celebrities do, Sony last night held an invitation-only party to let Hollywood’s hottest young stars play the PlayStation 3 before its official launch on November 17. The company also showed

Free Trial: Microsoft Expression Web Beta 1

Expression Web is a professional design tool that helps web designers create and work with: Standards-based Web sites Sophisticated CSS-based layouts Extensive CSS formatting and management Rich data presentation Powerful ASP.NET 2.0-based technology Pre-requisites for

Eclipse AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF)

The AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF) provides and extensible framework and exemplary tools for building IDEs for the many different AJAX runtime offerings (Dojo, Zimbra, Rico, etc) in the market. Tools built upon these frameworks will

Sun Opens JAVA …share the innovation

13.November.2006—Sun believes deeply in creating communities and sharing innovations and technologies to foster more participation. Today in a historic move, Sun is opening the door to greater innovation by open sourcing key Java implementations—Java Platform

Google Web Toolkit 1.2 Released

GWT 1.2 has been officially released. The last important bugs have been squashed from the RC that was out there recently. Features Dynamic, reusable UI components Create a Widget by compositing other Widgets. Lay out