Great Indian Blogger Hunt by is conducting “Great Indian Blogger Hunt” through which Top 100 bloggers every month will get paid Rs 1.5 Crore !!(~ $340000).

In order to participate you need not be a good writer or journalist. You have the freedom to write or show anything. Vow, its indeed a good thing.
So its a great offer as for as Indians are concerned.

Lets dig some of their strategy and statistics in “Great India Blogger Hunt”.

As per traffic to has increased from 26rpmu(reach per million users ) to 90rpmu in the last three months. An increase of 459%. Among them 59% percentage of the traffic is contributed by
Here is the 3 months daily reach graph of from Alexa.

You can see the live traffic details of from Alexa. Get traffic details here.
And you can see that their Alexa rank improved from 201573(3 months back) to 7,286(today).
Lets wait and see how much the traffic shoots up for

Its a fantastic strategy game played by to get topped up.
Get inspired guys.. Get topped up in “no mans world”.

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