Get Free DVD’s of Solaris from Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystem is giving a free DVD’s of OpenSolaris. They are not even charging any shipping or handling fees. The Starter Kit DVD includes three OpenSolaris distributions and step-by-step instructions on how to install and boot.

The OpenSolaris project is an open source community supported by Sun Microsystems where Solaris found its citadel to bloom. Obviously its a great step from Sun Microsystems to reach the message of Solaris to more and more people, and also to withstand in the Operating System fights. Also these type of steps from Sun Microsystems can help to wipe out the apprehension about Solaris Operating Systems (for New Users).

If you request for a DVD, depending on the order numbers, the shipment may be delayed. ie; If your order number is less than 11,000 then it would take 6-8 weeks from the order date, and if it is between 11-13,000 it will take 4-6 weeks from the order date to receive the shipment, or if the order number is higher than 13,000 the shipment will reach you in 2-4 weeks from the order date.

Well, apart from ordering the free DVD shipping, if you have a dedicated Internet connection you can download it from here.

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