Desktop calendar Rainlendar 2.2 released with great features

The highly customizable desktop calendar Rainlendar 2.2 is released with great features and fixes. Those features and fixes are:

  • Full Google Calendar support.
  • Added Urgent category to the Shadow4 skin.
  • Added a separate snooze button to the alarm window for all items.
  • Alarm time was calculated incorrectly for weekly recurring events. Fixed.
  • Added support for urls in the lists and tooltip.
  • Tooltip can be left open (or kept hidden) by keeping shift key down.
  • Added edit links to Outlook events. The links can be hidden from the settings.
  • Added “Disable text formatting” advanced option to disable the wiki style formatting and the hotlinks.
  • Fixed Outlook notifications with nested calendar folders.
  • Added “DST” to
  • Added option for safe uploads to the network calendars.
  • Fixed a DST problem which caused some months to be shown incorrectly in certain timezones.
  • Fixed window snapping in Linux.
  • Added option to close the MAPI connection in Outlook plugin so that the message store file isn’t locked all the time.
  • Added option to poll changes in the Outlook and automatically refresh when events when something happens.
  • Added a check to make sure the configuration file is writable.
  • Windows snap also to the taskbar.
  • “Keep on screen” repositioned a window incorrectly if it’s dimensions were smaller than the threshold. Fixed.
  • ScrollGroup showed tooltips even if they were outside it’s area. Fixed.
  • Moved proxy settings to Options->Advanced.
  • Outlook Task priority didn’t work. Fixed.
  • Added possibility to choose the shown message folders in Outlook plugin.
  • Snooze times are customizable from the advanced options
  • The todo dialog shows only calendars which are capable of storing todo items.
  • Task without start and due date was shown on all days in the calendar. Fixed.
  • It’s now possible to translate the year postfix for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Changed the translation of the event list headers.
  • Fixed a crash bug in Linux when new calendars are added with the wizard.
  • The name of the calendar is written as “X-WR-CALNAME” to the ics file.
  • Removed blank lines from the ics file for better iPod compatibility.
  • Fixed a crash bug on Linux network calendar when the offline file didn’t exist.
  • It is now possible to delete just a single instance of a recurring task.
  • The ics files will always use CRLF as end of line mark.
  • Fixed alarms in tasks which don’t have start time defined.
  • Tasks without due time are shown correctly now.
  • Unknown dates in the task list are sorted to the end of the list.
  • Unknown parameters in iCalendar properties do not stop the parsing anymore.
  • Added Tooltip format to the advanced options.
  • New to do sort options: by location and by calendar.
  • Fixed a crash bug when the recurrence interval was set to 0.

[ Download Rainlendar 2.2 for windows ] [ Download Rainlendar 2.2 for Linux]
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