How to get listed top in Google search results

Get listed first in Google search results is one of the dreams of many bloggers and webmasters. Even we do had similar dreams. And finally the day came when my blog listed first in the Google search result. Now if I search the key word Online Inspirations, my blog name, the first item in the Google search result will be my blog.

These are the few steps followed by me, to get listed top in Google search results

  • Provide good and quality content: People are using search engine for good and quality contents, so search engines has to satisfy their customers with good and quality contents. Be it in any field.
  • Regularly update contents: What ever may be the niche of your blog or website, try to be regular in adding and updating contents.
  • Choose topics smartly: Post articles on topics which will be accepted by most of all internet users in your niche or area of your interest.
  • Participate in forums: Participating in forums can help you get exposure to the topic of your interest and will get more views about the contents you are concentrating.
  • Dedication and seriousness for the work: If you are not caring for the work you do, they how do you expect others to care about your work?.
  • Patience: Be confident of your work and never loose your heart, be patient. Remember, “Rome is not built in a Single day“.

Apart from this follow successful ways of promoting your blog and websites.

These are the way you have Google friendly blog or website to get top listed in search results.

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