Google implements Digg like link promotion in its Search Result

Google at last made it clear that, its not just the machines but humans need to be in place to rank the indexed pages to raise the search results to semantic realms. You would have noticed a up vote and down vote icons in the Google search result. Web surfers can use these icons to rank the links in the Google search result.

Do not panic if you could not find these icons in your search results, you need to login with your Google account to view and vote the search results.


If you are a stumbler, then you would have used these voting mechanisms using the stumbleupon integration with Google search result. The new feature in Google can also be viewed as a like way to promote the indexed links of your web site and blog.  If you can get promote votes from more users, then you are more likely to get listed in the top 10 entries of the Google search result.

Try to gather more promote votes for your web site/blog to improve your traffic from Google search.

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